4F-MPH 15mg Agar

4F-MPH 15mg Agar


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This listing is for 4F-MPH in 15mg Agar Tablet(s) 4F-MPH also known as 4Fluoro-Methylphenidate is a widely known analog of Methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta). It produces many of the same effects of Methylphenidate with a bit more of a pronounced feeling and a more drawn out experience.

More potent by weight than methylphendiate, 15mg of 4F-MPH in my experience is comparable to 30-40mg of Methylphenidate in terms of effectiveness at treating attention disorders. Great alternative to methamphetamine as an adjuct self medication remedy, especially for those who deal with the social stigma surrounding the use of methamphetamine in any shape or form.

However as a side by side comparison in efficacy to treat attention disorders my personal opinion is that this lacks in comparison to methamphetamine as you are likely to have to redose to get through an entire day if that is your goal. Not much if any recreational value, though some people do happen to find more of a euphoria enthused stimulation from phenidates than that of amphetamines. To each their own. 15mg is a good entry dose for low to intolerant users, while also being an easy way to control higher dosages for those who are tolerant to stimulants. Please do your research before placing an order. Be safe Enjoy!

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